Model Investment Portfolios Examples The Tesler APP company raised a variety of choices and systems portfolio of regional and international institutions as well as the management of individual investors and owners of financial solvency.

The company is providing management services for each investment portfolio alone, some of which include investments in parts of the Arab world in general or in specific countries in the region. Includes portfolio management services specific regard to the level of risk as well as the investment objectives determined by each client that, given that the financial portfolio management services covering equity funds and capital protection, as well as compliant investment funds with the provisions of Islamic Sharia funds, balanced funds and index strategies and fixed income. It features a team to provide the best service levels in the region through regular communication with customers in various means of communication, as well as the semi-annual visits, with a review of the most urgent developments on the performance of the investment portfolio and other market developments and risk reports on a monthly basis and quarterly basis.

Investment Portfolios Examples
Investment Portfolios Examples

Governor of stock-based investment the Governor of stock fundamental analysis and evaluation mechanisms absolute strategy in order to maximize return on investment long term by investing in capital markets countries of the Arab world. Investment managers and works to pump investments in shares of listed companies in order to achieve the highest return on investment, according to the levels of absorption of each client risks alone.

Islamic conservative investment strategy aims to achieve long-term returns through capital formation portfolio of equities and fixed income instruments and other securities compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia Arab markets. The team pursues a unique strategy in the allocation of investment assets in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Conservative, balanced investment strategy aims to achieve long-term yields, with the employment of capital protection mechanisms to invest in a balanced set of shares of listed companies and fixed income capital markets in the Arab world.

Governor capital protection aims to achieve investment returns exceed the return on bank deposits during the four-year period, with the adoption of mechanisms to protect the capital to invest in tools that vary between deposits and fixed-income bonds and bills and other Arab world. This strategy seeks to achieve pre-defined revenue and related indicators of the stock market in times of economic recovery while ensuring that the initial capital protection during periods of turmoil.

Governor of fixed-income investment strategy aims to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in government fixed income instruments, as well as bills and bonds of listed companies in the Arab world. The investment works to recruit successful mechanisms in the allocation of investment assets the Governor of fixed income to achieve capital growth, according to the levels of potential risk manager.

Governor stock indexes investment strategy aims to outperform the local and regional stock indexes by investing in a variety of shares of listed companies Arab bourses. Featuring conservative investing in listed securities in the region with a review of the contents of the Tesler Investments portfolio on a quarterly basis (every three months) to avoid deviation of the difference between the index’s performance and the performance of the investment portfolio.

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Model Investment Portfolios Examples
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